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A review of Gladwell’s “Talking To Strangers”

I was searching online for a book using search terms: “how to talk to people book.” Malcolm Gladwell’s latest work, “Talking To Strangers” was shown among the titles and remembered he also wrote the book, “Blink” that I wanted to read. But “Talking to Strangers” was NOT a book about becoming a better conversationalist. The… Continue reading A review of Gladwell’s “Talking To Strangers”

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Approaches to treating migraine 3b

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I gained a piece of information during visits at Pain Relief of Dayton that would help me when I thought I didn’t need help. I was seeing a psychotherapist already while receiving treatments so I thought I was mentally squared away when Dr. Buenaventura told me about… Continue reading Approaches to treating migraine 3b