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A Review of Dean Cycon’s Debut Novel “Finding Home (Hungary 1945)”

 “How do we return home when home no longer exists?” Dean Cycon asked in his debut novel, “Finding Home (Hungary, 1945).” His work of historical fiction grew out of research and interviews he conducted in Hungary and the U.S. about what about happened to Holocaust survivors when they returned to their communities after World War… Continue reading A Review of Dean Cycon’s Debut Novel “Finding Home (Hungary 1945)”

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On Getting Out of Bed

Suffering is a normal part of living in this broken world, in broken bodies. Truly, those who have a mental illness would love nothing better than to be rid of it. They often find themselves overwhelmed by thoughts and feelings that lie to them and distort reality. I know this because I’ve been there. Author… Continue reading On Getting Out of Bed

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A Review of “Don’t Look Back”

I have been on the lookout for words of wisdom to help me stop ruminating over my past mistakes that often steal my peace of mind if not my joy. When I read the synopsis, I knew Christine Caine's latest book might hold some secret knowledge. Christine uses the story of Lot's wife as a… Continue reading A Review of “Don’t Look Back”

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How Friendship with Jesus Changes Us

Most sermons and devotionals on the topic of Jesus' friends Martha and Mary of Bethany in the Bible tend to pit the two sisters against each other. A common question for the listener or reader is: “Are you a Martha or a Mary?” And depending on how the person leads, you will bend toward one… Continue reading How Friendship with Jesus Changes Us

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Standing up for truth

I would be remiss if I didn't talk about the spiritual life of Dr. (Rev.) Martin Luther King, Jr., while reviewing Jonathan Eig's biography, "King: A Life." Dr. King first and foremost identified himself as a Baptist preacher. He spoke often about Christian, brotherly love, and pacifism as remedies for curing the social ills of… Continue reading Standing up for truth

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The Other Anne Wilson, otherwise known as “Anne with an E”

The song “My Jesus” introduced me to the other “Anne Wilson” in the music industry. The only Ann Wilson I knew then was the lead singer of Heart. This is Anne with an "E," just like “Anne of Green Gables." I listened to this song on repeat. I originally thought Carrie Underwood or Jenn Johnson… Continue reading The Other Anne Wilson, otherwise known as “Anne with an E”


What I’m reading now at Christmas

My usual MO is to read a book in its entirety before reviewing it, but for the sake of timeliness, I wanted to share what I’m reading this holiday season. I decided to pick “fun reads” and "light reads" to finish out the year. Fiction A Wish For Father Christmas I finished this first book… Continue reading What I’m reading now at Christmas

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Seeing the Good in Life

Looking through Netgalley for my next book to read, I saw the book, "See the Good" and thought, "Yes!" I mean, who doesn’t want to “see the good” in life? After years of... Living in a pandemic, Consuming a daily diet of doom-and-gloom news, Fearing rising prices and supply shortages Sign me up! In his… Continue reading Seeing the Good in Life

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Always “Pray First”

I watched Chris Hodges speak on the topic, “Pray First” before reading an advance copy of his book, "Pray First: The Transformative Power of a Life Built on Prayer." I wish I'd thought to do a search for him speaking sooner. He's from Louisiana and said he's Cajun, which made for fun reading. I now… Continue reading Always “Pray First”

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You don’t have to hide

Christian author and podcaster Jasmine L. Holmes grew up Black in a predominantly white evangelical community. A pastor's kid and the oldest of 9, she went through puberty in front of the watchful eyes of her church. She said she often felt like wore a mask. She tried to live up to the image of… Continue reading You don’t have to hide