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A review of Tamara Leigh’s “Lady At Arms: Book One”

I have long enjoyed reading Tamara Leigh’s contemporary romances, but I had not read her historical ones – and she’s written quite a few now. I wanted to go back to her beginnings and read her first works of historical fiction. I learned those were the “Bride” novels (no longer in print) rewritten as the… Continue reading A review of Tamara Leigh’s “Lady At Arms: Book One”

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A different “Lizzy and Jane”

Recently I've found I gravitate to stories about chefs and food. I favorably reviewed "A Coincidence of Coconut Cake" by Amy E. Reichert, and the debut novel from Charmaine Wilkerson's "Black Cake" not too long ago. "Lizzy and Jane" by Katherine Reay became the next "cheffie" or "foodie" story for me to read. Available to… Continue reading A different “Lizzy and Jane”

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A Review of Jane Austen’s Genius Guide

"The finest novelist" "Moral philosopher" "Sharp social commentator" These are three of the ways Haley Stewart described one of my favorite writers of all time, Jane Austen. Her added appellation though is the topic of this book: "Life Coach" I went into reading her book with this in mind. Jane Austen’s Genius Guide to Life:… Continue reading A Review of Jane Austen’s Genius Guide

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Page-turning, romantic, foodie adventure in Milwaukee

“The Coincidence of Coconut Cake” by Amy E. Reichert is a romantic foodie adventure about finding love, being true to yourself, and letting passion be your guide. And it’s a great virtual tour of the best of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Movies like “No Reservations” (2007) with Catherine Zeta-Jones, Abigail Breslin, and Aaron Eckhart came to mind… Continue reading Page-turning, romantic, foodie adventure in Milwaukee

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Shipwreck, smugglers, and scoundrels – oh, my!

Danger at sea, survivors of shipwreck, smugglers and scoundrels filled my mind and had me hooked while reading “The Light at Wyndcliff” by Sarah E. Ladd. The third book in the Cornwall Novels series took place in 1820 and opened with a prologue introducing a new character to the series, Evelyn Bray. She and her… Continue reading Shipwreck, smugglers, and scoundrels – oh, my!

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Christmas Novellas

Thanks to Bookbub I squirreled away some free Christmas stories from this service emails of the latest deals on books based on my chosen genres. I thought I’d get to those before Christmas. That didn’t happen. Holiday preparations mixed in with the usual suspects slowed my reading pace. I have only read two so far… Continue reading Christmas Novellas