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On Getting Out of Bed

Suffering is a normal part of living in this broken world, in broken bodies. Truly, those who have a mental illness would love nothing better than to be rid of it. They often find themselves overwhelmed by thoughts and feelings that lie to them and distort reality. I know this because I’ve been there. Author… Continue reading On Getting Out of Bed

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And I ran out of that cave…

elijahs-cave.jpg (450×450) ( Thanks to Netgalley, I received a free review copy of Chris Hodges’ new book “Out of the Cave: Stepping into the Light When Depression Darkens What You See” . Hodges is a pastor who struggled with anxiety and depression and understands the stigma surrounding mental health issues, especially among Christians. He says… Continue reading And I ran out of that cave…

Migraine treatment

Approaches to treating migraine 2

In my first blog post about living with migraine, I said I would go into some of the treatments I’ve tried to help with migraine. I mentioned too that I have fibromyalgia and interstitial cystitis. While trying to find ways to prevent & treat migraine, I learned I'm taking part in the genetic equivalent of… Continue reading Approaches to treating migraine 2