Songs for the journey

I scan between two stations when I drive: KLOVE and Air1 Radio. Both are inspirational, Christian music stations. Dave and I support them financially. We’ve seen the difference the music and messages have made in our lives and in the lives of so many countless others. I’ve noticed trends in topics too – almost like… Continue reading Songs for the journey


Close call

My hubby Dave was settling back into the old routine before his workday that Thursday, Jan. 2. The holidays were over. The trash can and recycling were set out. As he sat down in the driver’s seat of the Escape, he couldn’t catch his breath. I thought he had forgotten something when he came back… Continue reading Close call

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I can have an e-lending library!

I was so excited today to learn that I can loan out books I own on my Kindle. I can have an e-lending library -- Woo-hoo! If you haven't seen this, let me share. Here is a screenshot of one of the books I just reviewed: See in the top line that says "You purchased… Continue reading I can have an e-lending library!

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Christmas Novellas

Thanks to Bookbub I squirreled away some free Christmas stories from this service emails of the latest deals on books based on my chosen genres. I thought I’d get to those before Christmas. That didn’t happen. Holiday preparations mixed in with the usual suspects slowed my reading pace. I have only read two so far… Continue reading Christmas Novellas

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A review of Gladwell’s “Talking To Strangers”

I was searching online for a book using search terms: “how to talk to people book.” Malcolm Gladwell’s latest work, “Talking To Strangers” was shown among the titles and remembered he also wrote the book, “Blink” that I wanted to read. But “Talking to Strangers” was NOT a book about becoming a better conversationalist. The… Continue reading A review of Gladwell’s “Talking To Strangers”


Meet The Four Founders of Fairy Tales

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Imagine a world without fairy tales.

While every culture has developed it’s own tales and fables through time, the success of fairy tales can be traced back to a small group of people.

Four of the most prolific and important of those authors were French writer Charles Perrault, German brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, and Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.

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How to be ‘C.A.L.M.’ in a chaotic world

This weekend I finished Max Lucado’s "Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World." I saw on his website that he “writes books for people who don’t read books.” I liked the layout of the study on anxiety as well as the short chapters and brisk pace. I found myself quoting this book often… Continue reading How to be ‘C.A.L.M.’ in a chaotic world

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A second reading of “North and South” by Elizabeth Gaskell

I decided to start a review as I start reading “North and South” by Elizabeth Gaskell. It’s one I’ve read before, so I know the story, but sometimes I read to escape without much reflection. I might notice something in passing, but I don’t always delve deeper. This novel was Gaskell’s third novel that was… Continue reading A second reading of “North and South” by Elizabeth Gaskell

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Help My Unbelief!

As a Christian, I have had periods where I wrestled with whether I was a true believer. I would go through periods of great depression and anxiety and question my faith. I would come out of the other side of that valley knowing Jesus carried me, but still wonder why I questioned my faith. I… Continue reading Help My Unbelief!