Side Dishes

A summer party pasta salad, part 1

I've missed seeing the ladies from my women's Bible study. Summer months are set aside to allow down time for church staff and families. Jean Cope, the lady who heads up our group, has said in the past, "We ladies need our girlfriends." I think that's why she works to bring us together on breaks.… Continue reading A summer party pasta salad, part 1

Side Dishes

Potatoes, pot-ah-toes…Hasselback potatoes rock!

I used to buy at Kroger these potatoes wrapped already to cook in the microwave oven. The potatoes always came out perfectly cooked inside, but the skin, of course, had no crunchy, delicious texture. Today I may start overly large potatoes in the microwave oven, but I always cover them in canola oil, salt, and… Continue reading Potatoes, pot-ah-toes…Hasselback potatoes rock!