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A Review of ‘Mere Christianity’

I went into reading "Mere Christianity" with some trepidation, having read “The Abolition of Man.” I worried I’d stop in the middle because the material was dry or hard to understand. I've had this on my list to read though because this book is one of C.S. Lewis’ most quoted works I find while reading… Continue reading A Review of ‘Mere Christianity’

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“Mere Christianity” Part 1

“The ‘mere’ Christianity of C.S. Lewis…is a way of life, one that challenges us always to remember, as [he once said]: ‘There are no ordinary people’ and that ‘it is immortals whom we joke with, work with, marry, snub, and exploit.’” – Kathleen Norris, editor C.S. Lewis’ book “Mere Christianity” is a classic loved by… Continue reading “Mere Christianity” Part 1

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You don’t have to hide

Christian author and podcaster Jasmine L. Holmes grew up Black in a predominantly white evangelical community. A pastor's kid and the oldest of 9, she went through puberty in front of the watchful eyes of her church. She said she often felt like wore a mask. She tried to live up to the image of… Continue reading You don’t have to hide

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Winning the War on Worry

Family members used to tell me I reminded them of my Grandma Mae because of my tendency to worry. I often battled "what-if" thinking and had months of anxiety attacks that seemed to come out of nowhere. I’m a Christian so I know I wasn't “given a spirit of fear,” but sometimes worry hijacked my… Continue reading Winning the War on Worry

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The Beauty of Forgiving Others

In “It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way,” Lysa TerKeurst wrote about handling life’s disappointments, detours, and derailments. Lysa had been enduring a separation from her husband who had been unfaithful, while also dealing with serious health concerns that almost killed her. True to form, Lysa didn’t hide her feelings. She spoke as if someday… Continue reading The Beauty of Forgiving Others

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A most unusual read

I recently repainted this faded garden gnome. I hadn't realized at the time these fairytale mushrooms were probably Amanita muscaria. Before reading a book about Jeremy Downs' near-death experience, I couldn’t have told you anything about Amanita muscaria mushrooms. And yet my outdoor garden gnome sat among them all this time. They were featured in… Continue reading A most unusual read

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Living a bold and blessed life

Beauty, fashion and lifestyle guru Dominique Sachse is one of my favorite personalities on YouTube. She started her channel in 2014 with her tagline, “Be Bold and Be Blessed.” At last count, she has 1.74 million subscribers. I subscribed after seeing a video on how to style a bob. I later learned this poised and… Continue reading Living a bold and blessed life

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On regaining spiritual resiliency

I just finished Christian author and counselor John Eldredge's “Resilient: Restoring your weary soul in these turbulent times,” the perfect read after all we've been facing. He used the recent pandemic and prophecies about the end of the age to share with readers a way to access the source of our resiliency and strength found… Continue reading On regaining spiritual resiliency

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And I ran out of that cave…

elijahs-cave.jpg (450×450) ( Thanks to Netgalley, I received a free review copy of Chris Hodges’ new book “Out of the Cave: Stepping into the Light When Depression Darkens What You See” . Hodges is a pastor who struggled with anxiety and depression and understands the stigma surrounding mental health issues, especially among Christians. He says… Continue reading And I ran out of that cave…

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Approaches to treating migraine 3b

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I gained a piece of information during visits at Pain Relief of Dayton that would help me when I thought I didn’t need help. I was seeing a psychotherapist already while receiving treatments so I thought I was mentally squared away when Dr. Buenaventura told me about… Continue reading Approaches to treating migraine 3b