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Approaches to treating chronic migraine 4

Fellow migraineur Teri Roberts is an advocate for those with migraine. She's the editorial director of the site Migraine Disease.org, an excellent resource for those searching for information when seeking treatment for migraine. http://migrainedisease.org I am especially thankful of this migraine rock star for one of her suggestions that led me to finally find someone… Continue reading Approaches to treating chronic migraine 4

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Approaches to treating migraine 3b

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I gained a piece of information during visits at Pain Relief of Dayton that would help me when I thought I didn’t need help. I was seeing a psychotherapist already while receiving treatments so I thought I was mentally squared away when Dr. Buenaventura told me about… Continue reading Approaches to treating migraine 3b

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Approaches to treating migraine 3a

In my previous posts, I have focused on medications used to prevent or treat migraine. In the next few posts I will focus on alternative methods of treatment to prevent chronic migraine and also to attack the problem of my dueling disturbances of fibromyalgia and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). I must say that those two… Continue reading Approaches to treating migraine 3a

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Approaches to treating migraine 2

In my first blog post about living with migraine, I said I would go into some of the treatments I’ve tried to help with migraine. I mentioned too that I have fibromyalgia and interstitial cystitis. While trying to find ways to prevent & treat migraine, I learned I'm taking part in the genetic equivalent of… Continue reading Approaches to treating migraine 2

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Living with my migraine

I've recently seen memoirs written by those living with migraine. I don't write often about this condition I've lived with for 35 years. I like to distance myself from migraine probably because I spend so much time adapting to living with it. I also don't want migraine to define me, and yet people who know… Continue reading Living with my migraine