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A return to medieval times…

While reading Lady At Arms, Tamara Leigh kept dropping breadcrumbs, hints for the reader to continue reading Baron Gilbert Balmaine's story. Why did Lady Graeye (pronounced Gray) Charwyck give him so much trouble? I could not wait. I had to find out why in "Lady of Eve, Book 2,". The scene opened with Lady Graeye… Continue reading A return to medieval times…

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A review of Tamara Leigh’s “Lady At Arms: Book One”

I have long enjoyed reading Tamara Leigh’s contemporary romances, but I had not read her historical ones – and she’s written quite a few now. I wanted to go back to her beginnings and read her first works of historical fiction. I learned those were the “Bride” novels (no longer in print) rewritten as the… Continue reading A review of Tamara Leigh’s “Lady At Arms: Book One”