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A review of “The Screwtape Letters”

In his satire "The Screwtape Letters," C.S. Lewis imagines a correspondence between demons who do their best to tempt humans away from God and His saving grace. In my review of "The Great Divorce," I hadn't yet read this book, nor completed the last lecture on C.S. Lewis' view of Heaven and Hell. In these… Continue reading A review of “The Screwtape Letters”

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A review of “The Great Divorce”

Dr. Michael Ward OK, I need to update my review. I am watching this last lecture in Dr. Michael Ward’s online course, C.S. Lewis on Christianity, and I finished reading “The Screwtape Letters” as well. I guess I should have waited to post a review after watching his lecture. I have new insights on both… Continue reading A review of “The Great Divorce”

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Beach town love story has the beginnings of a Hallmark movie

I requested an advance review copy of Grace Worthington’s “A Wedding in Wild Harbor” because the premise had me at subterfuge. A man and woman who don’t like each other agree to a pretend relationship for their own gains. Liam Henry is a Chicago businessman who wants his mother, Jane, off his back when it… Continue reading Beach town love story has the beginnings of a Hallmark movie

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A return to medieval times…

While reading Lady At Arms, Tamara Leigh kept dropping breadcrumbs, hints for the reader to continue reading Baron Gilbert Balmaine's story. Why did Lady Graeye (pronounced Gray) Charwyck give him so much trouble? I could not wait. I had to find out why in "Lady of Eve, Book 2,". The scene opened with Lady Graeye… Continue reading A return to medieval times…