Songs for the journey

I scan between two stations when I drive: KLOVE and Air1 Radio. Both are inspirational, Christian music stations. Dave and I support them financially. We’ve seen the difference the music and messages have made in our lives and in the lives of so many countless others.

I’ve noticed trends in topics too – almost like a divine writing assignment. I hear songs with the same theme, like what our scars mean, or overcoming fear, choosing joy. But I also notice the songs that answer my specific needs.

The past week in particular these new songs were playing often on my ride back from taking Dave to the ER or driving back and forth to Kettering Medical Center.

Driving back from the ER was this song. It was almost 3 a.m. and I just learned Dave was going to be admitted to a hospital. It was dark and raining. I could hardly see as I drove. I needed to keep it together. Cue “In the Arms” by Terrian.

When the giants tower over my faith
And I’m frozen by the battles I face
There is just one place
I go to be safe

I run in the arms, in the arms
In the arms of Jesus
You will never fail, never fail
You are my strong tower

Perfect, right? I would hear this often as I drove to and from Kettering Medical Center. The song played often enough that I felt like it was my fight song.

Another new song that I needed to hear was “It’s You” by TobyMac. He writes:

Looking for a way out, for a way out
I was so caught up that I couldn’t find a way out
Find a way out, yeah
Playing through my weakness, can I beat this?
Can I crack this surface?
Into to the deepness, the deepness
Oh, where I’ve exhausted all my ways, all my ways
And all the noise begins to fade

It’s You
Then everything else just falls in line
You will always hold this heart of mine
It’s You, it’s You
Lord, it’s You
The song that is fast becoming my favorite is Sanctus Real’s “Unstoppable God.” The best part I love to sing aloud is — I think — the bridge:

Where does my help come from?
Where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord.

Nothing can stop an unstoppable God
He’s not afraid of impossible odds
This is the promise that I’m standing on
Nothing can stop an unstoppable God

This final new song though still makes me smile because I felt like God answered me when I said I hadn’t heard it recently. In that moment it came on the radio: “Warrior” by Hannah Kerr.

Staring down the face of fear
Got to keep breathing
When the negative is all you hear
Got to keep believing

‘Cause in the dark there is a light
Your truth it keeps on burning bright
Brave enough to fight the fight
And shout the battle cry

You’ll never stop me, I’m a warrior
When I fall down I get stronger
Faith is my shield, His love is the armor

Love that: Faith is my shield. His love is the armor. Amen! I hope these songs encourage you. They’re now added to my iPod.

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