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Reading with Pinterest

I love Pinterest. I find so many great hacks, decorating ideas, and recipes. But it wasn’t until recently that I started creating a board for books I am reading. I got the idea from authors I follow who do this when planning and writing their books. They will pin pictures and information about time periods and locations, as well as cast their characters. Why not do the same as their reader?

Below, I’ve included a screen shot of a board I called “Images from Reading Historical Fiction.” I’m writing a review now for “Beyond the Moon” by Catherine Taylor. I looked up the locations in the novel, including Sussex, England, Seven Sisters cliffs, asylums, as well as pictures of soldiers in World War I. I cast the main characters with Rose Leslie (Gwen in Downton Abbey) as Louisa Casson, and originally chose Henry Cavill (Man of Steel, Man from U.N.C.L.E.) as Lt. Robert Lovett. But then I re-cast that character with another Henry. I felt that Rose Leslie and Henry Lloyd-Hughes (Indian Summers, Les Miserable) made a great Louisa and Robert.

Images from Reading Historical Fiction

I find that keeping a board like this invests me in what I am reading. I am entertained and enlightened at times when I go on a search after reading. I can later use this to help me review a book. I can see what interested me and where the story took me beyond just the characters and plot. To see this particular board, go to

You’ll also see the links that were inspired from reading Lynn Cullen’s “The Sisters of Summit Avenue. That novel had me looking for photos from the Great Depression, of flapper hairstyles,  information about encephalitis lethargica, as well as a picture of an ornate golden music box.

Let me know what you think. And if you try this yourself, please send me a link to your boards.

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