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A Review of Dani Hart’s “Midnight Rose”

midnight rose coverI received the Kindle book, “Midnight Rose” by Dani Hart, to read for free. I found the title among other sent that might interest me through, a site that sends ebook deals to my email. Go to for more information.

I  downloaded the book to my Kindle just from the summary. I think the last books I read involving mythological/supernatural characters were the Twilight novels. It took me a year to read those. I still think the last two books needed more development and could have been drawn out to the length of the Harry Potter collection, but I’m thinking Stephenie Meyer might have been contractually obligated to move things along.

My husband found it comical that I have an eclectic interest when it comes to the books I read. I move from memoir to historical fiction to books with vampires, wolves, immortals, etc. Sometimes young adult books though are warranted when I’ve read a few thought-provoking, non-fiction titles. I have to keep my imagination active. To much of reality already snags my imagination in a bad way after all.

Initially, I didn’t think I would like a book about immortals vs. specials — special humans? But Hart evidently drew me into her story; I lost track of time each time I sat down to read. I wanted to see what would happen next.

Midnight Rose is the first book in the Midnight series that introduces the reader to Abigail Rose. She has a best friend Kendra, has some drama with the “in crowd,” and wears red Chucks with a hole in them because it reminds her of her first love, Wes Hunter. Abigail had been in a life-threatening accident and after that Wes Hunter left. Then he returns, and since her best friend doesn’t know about Abigail’s history with Wes, I thought this would give her a chance to talk about that time and give me more information; however, she doesn’t share much with Kendra. I did think that was odd, but one of Abigail’s attributes is her 6th sense about people. Maybe she thought it best to not share a trauma that she couldn’t completely remember; the details were still out of reach. She tried to wrap her mind around them throughout the beginning of the story, which then snares me because I could only rely on her revelations.

Abigail and Wes eventually rekindle their romance and she meets his immortal family, the Hunters. She is given a brief history about them. To me, the time she spends with the Hunters doesn’t seem enough to warrant her full loyalty, but she does have that special sense about people so what do I know? In the meantime, she meets Elijah as well — and refuses to call him “Eli” out of spite. She doesn’t trust him, and he keeps showing up in her life. As a reader I found myself not trusting either Wes or Elijah. Now I did laugh that Elijah goes out on a date with Kendra who gets Abigail to join them. Abigail agreed because she didn’t want to upset Kendra and wanted to keep an eye on him.

Not sure if these are teasers or spoilers but here goes: SPOILER ALERT: Abigail’s special abilities we learn later are ones that put a target on her back with the Order of the Crest, this organization of humans with special abilities who find and take out immortals. I think by “take out” though it means “acquire” not kill, but I could be wrong. Abigail learns that her father and grandfather before her belonged to the order, and her father tried to shield her from having to go there by giving them his son in her place. Abigail agrees turn herself over to the order to locate her brother, but I don’t think she has much of a choice anyway because of her special abilities.

The lack of choices provides tension in the plot. I was critical of Kendra’s disappearance from the plot when Abigail is about to depart for a year with the Order of the Crest. I had thought Kendra was more important and couldn’t understand why Abigail was more interested in saying goodbye to Wes and not her BFF. I also thought more evidence of attachment was needed with the Hunter family. The Hunter family didn’t have many scenes with Abigail. That said I thought this was a great beginning of a YA collection that made me want to read the Book 2. In fact, the preview made me excited because it starts from the point of view of Elijah this time, which changes things up. For more information, go to

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