Slow Church-Taste and See

On Wednesdays during the fall, winter, and spring months at First Light Church, in Vandalia, Ohio, we do have a meal time together before we break into Bible studies. Often food is also brought in to share in my women’s study, even if it’s just a favorite bag of chips. In the summer months, we stick together by meeting at people’s homes and sharing food and conversation. I guess I didn’t think about how the breaking of bread allows us to better get to know a person. I will have to read this book!

Dining with Donald

Over at bubsblurbs.com I’ve just finished a review of a book entitled Slow Church.  In the book, the authors make the contention that we need to slow down in our approach to the way and which we practice our church life.  They fear that the church has succumbed to “McDonaldization” and needs to recover a practice of “Slow Church,” much like many in the food world are saying we need to recover a practice of “Slow Food.”

Slow Church cheeseplate. Cheese plate that is part of the Sunday evening gatherings at St. Margaret’s . These gatherings are a great example of doing Slow Church.

Chris Smith and Jon Pattison who wrote the book believe that eating together is a crucial role in achieving this slowing down.  I go into more detail on that in the review, so I won’t write about that here.  As an aside, I like that their view of hospitality touches…

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