Grandma Mae Mather’s Ham and Potato Bake for the slow-cooker

Ham and potato bake is great when you have left over ham and need a good comfort-food regardless of the weather, but I have to say that I tend to make this dish in colder weather. My grandma’s version was for the oven, but it took longer for the potatoes to bake that way, so now I’ve taken her recipe and added to it and found that the potatoes are nice and soft at 5 hours on high.

2 to 3 cups diced ham
7-8 medium sized potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced
Salt and pepper
1 tsp Litehouse instantly fresh red onion
½ tsp garlic powder

Fresh-ground black pepper
2 can (10.75 ounces) cream of celery soup
1/2-to-1 can of milk
Sprinkling of paprika

2 tbsp of cut-up cold, salted butter

To work ahead: you can peel and slice potatoes the night before. I took Idaho golden potatoes and cleaned, peeled, and ran them through my Salad Shooter to make nice, thin slices. I placed the potatoes in a large casserole dish and covered them completely in cold water with a bit of salt and/or lemon juice. Make sure the potatoes are completely covered to avoid browning.

In the morning, drain and place the sliceham-and-potato-bakes of potato into a slow cooker that has been sprayed with cooking spray or use a slow-cooker liner. Top with the diced ham. Mix together the red onion bits, garlic powder, a bit of freshly ground pepper, the 2 cans of soup and ½ a can of milk in a medium bowl. Pour the mixture over the potatoes and ham. Mix all ingredients in the slow-cooker (layering the items didn’t work when I tried this the last time. I had to cook them for an additional hour.)

Sprinkle paprika over the top, drop bits of cold salted butter on top as well. Cover and cook on “High” for 5 hours until potatoes are tender or on “Low” for 7-8 hours. I serve this with Hawaiian rolls, baked La Brea rolls, or Italian bread. Peas are my go-to vegetable as well. You can add that to the individual bowls or separately.



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